Window Replacement

Tips on How to Install a Replacement Vinyl Window

Installing a new vinyl window will make your home look new and give you a nice addition to the appearance of your house. But the real challenge is installing a replacement window. Here are some tips to help you install a vinyl replacement.

how to install a replacement vinyl window

First of all, know your window frame well. You need to know the shape of the window, which must be at least three inches from the wall. This is because vinyls are usually fitted into a frame that is built on to the frame of the window itself. So you need to measure the actual width and length of your window to ensure that the frame will fit securely into the window frame.

Next, you need to make sure that there is no space between the glass and the frame. If there is a gap, then the glass won’t open smoothly and you will have issues with air flow through the window. The best option would be to put up a wooden trim that has been fixed in place, but this can get rather expensive. A cheaper solution is to put up some dowels at the bottom of the window frame. These dowels should be enough to cover the gap between the glass and the frame and the entire trim. You may want to make them longer than necessary though, so that they can catch more sunlight and keep your home warmer.

Now that you have measured the width and length of the window, you can go about learning how to install a vinyl replacement window. First of all, you need to put up the window blinds. Then, take the glass out of the frame and then lift it to expose the trim. Then you need to make sure that you can see the gap between the frame and the window.

Then you can take the second glass out of the window and put it in place. Then, you need to place the trim at the top and bottom of the window. After this, you need to add a dowel at each corner of the window.

Installation can be a bit tricky at first, but it gets easier after a while. It really doesn’t take much time at all. You just need to remember that you need to be steady and that you do not move the window too much while you’re working.